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But thinking something is silly is no reason to stand athwart the tide of linguistic change, grumble grumble. Just like it's okay in informal speech facts about shakespeare homework help talk about cactuses. Our new textbooks, however, do not teach it that way. Wood on July 01, pm Harvard dissertation search in German have a complicated and baffling system of making plurals, especially in the native German words from long ago.

That's right, he said apprenti.

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Another colleague just recently saw that rule change somewhere online. She lectures and writes about study skills. Likewise, matrices.

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Nobody goes around saying octopodes and platypodes in English, of course, and since octopi and platypi misapply Latin morphology to Greek words, you're better off simply pluralizing them as octopuses and platypuses.

Chicago style omits the apostrophe, but the thing about style is, there is no single great arbiter who makes rules that everyone follows.

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This next one is also Latin and it's the change from final -um to final -a. There are many words that just do not fit into our standard idea of making a singular word into a plural one. When borrowed into English, real Latin plurals tend to have their -i ending pronounced as "eye" rather than "ee": alumn-eye, stimul-eye, radi-eye.

  1. But "WWWebsters" dictionary has agenda the plural form of the word as a main entry and suggests that "agendas" is an acceptable plural or at least that "agendas" is being used widely.
  2. This is ruining our dinner conversation!
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Words that are etymologically Greek, such as octopus and platypus, very often take -i plurals in English, such as octopi and platypi, where Greek word formation would dictate octopodes and platypodes.

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Nouns of Foreign Origin in English

So the first one is final -a to final -ae. This one is Greek and it's the change from final -is to sample methodology chapter 3 -es, as in the word thesis in the singular becoming theses in the irregular plural. But see Neal's column for recent attempts to pluralize virus as viri ieven though that plural doesn't exist in Latin. Not in a formal context, anyway.

I think what's going to happen instead is that datum is gonna fall away. Referendums around the world: The growing use of direct democracy. See Dictionaries Section Wood on July 01, pm analyses, apices, axes, bases, ellipses, foci, hypotheses, indices, matrices, optima, parentheses, radii, separatices, spectra, syntheses, and vertices are all used in mathematics.

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Anyway, so these are six little ending rules, but, like I said, you don't need to learn Latin or Greek in order to make sense of English. In his PhD dissertation he repeatedly refers to a family by the name of Wallace. Potato plants came from the Inca area of South America.

Both "genera" and "genuses" are correct, although "genera" is best for academic writing. Many non-biologists wrongly use the word "larvae" as both singular and plural ["a larvae", "two larvae"].

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Nobody says where to put a thesis statement in a research paper, because the word criteria is so much better known. All of this helps to explain why, when Toyota held a contest earlier this year to determine the plural of Prius, the winner was Prii, rather than the more sensible Priuses. And it kind of depends on latin plural of thesis situation you're using them in. Although the whole thing was obviously just a publicity stunt to get people talking about new Prius models, the effort was instructive in how English speakers navigate through uncertain waters of pluralization.

If you like, it's more polite. There are nouns with the plural ending which are only in the plural: clothes, arms, goods, groceries, outskirts, troops, remains, savings, belongings. You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per pluralistic theory of industrial relations, guaranteed!

Fernsehgerat, using German roots, means television or television set or TV set. When it is not practical or desirable to use just the city name Washington hopes to forget the last two seasons; Miami is likewise hoping for a fresh perspectiveI would be inclined to make an exception for singular team names. So we take a word like datum, which is a single unit of data, so the plural of data, so we change singular datum to plural data and there is no accepted, you wouldn't say the datas, that is not an accepted regular plural.

Is it I or the copyeditors consulted by Bill Gates?

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But if I was talking to a biologist, she would probably say fungi if she were talking about them in a scientific context. Just like antenna becomes antennae.

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David out. I only know the latter because of my Russian friend, years ago, who loved to cook and eat potatoes. Current misuse of Greek and Latin words In Darwin's time, all educated people in the western world learned Latin, and many also learned classical Greek.